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Harnessing Efficiencies
for eco-friendly living

Building newer
Product Technologies
for higher sustainability

Tracking the pulse of all
distributed devices
in real time

Tracking quality of output
and predicting outages
- redefining controls

We Promote
Your Business

What we offer

EFICAA nurtures and offers a consciously green, industry-relevant portfolio of solutions in the Energy & Utilities, Cloud Computing and Payments space. An ecosystem of energy efficient, innovative and smart solutions across multiple industry verticals, that cater to both B2B and B2C segments, drive its focus on emerging technologies like IOT, Data Science and Communications.

EnSmart - Self-monitoring Analysis Reporting Technologies


Smart, Self-monitoring Analysis Reporting Technologies

Core Positioning

EFICAA is an enterprise that specializes in product technologies, architecting complex engineered systems for smarter energy efficiency, devising next generation payment solutions and Cloud computing architecture and infrastructure.

Our Vision

Innovate and deploy leading edge and emerging technologies to enhance energy efficiencies and transform global communities, thereby positively impacting the environment.

Our Mission

Engineer new, smarter energy efficiency paradigms for transforming industries and communities globally.

Engage our services and drive more efficiencies


Expert Consulting

Synergy of engineering, management and marketing skillsets


Experienced Technocrats

Deploying deep domain expertise


Quality Control

Stringent testing and quality audits

Committed relationships

Committed Relationships

Work with client technology pool to ensure max potential


Patents Pending

Innovation quotient earmarked for industry

Deep-Domain-Know How

Deep Domain Knowhow

Deploying emerging technologies like AI, ML and Data Science

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