How to inspire the new generation of women Engineers. (International Women in Engineering Day)

Engineering has typically been thought of as a man's domain. Because engineering is a physically and cognitively demanding career, it is customary to think of most engineers as males. Engineering has traditionally been a male-dominated area, but women are now making their mark in the male-dominated sector of engineering and technology. As society's patriarchal viewpoint shifts, they are achieving educational equality and new possibilities are opening up in a variety of fields. Women are thought to be more than capable of earning a technical degree and becoming leaders in the engineering field.. Engineering institutions and organisations are recognising that women are good if not better than, men in this field.

Despite the fact that women are increasingly represented in engineering, the male-to-female ratio remains unbalanced and uneven. Because they lack the support and platform to begin a professional career in engineering, women make up a far smaller percentage of engineering institutions and universities. While technology and engineering accommodate women, society must advance in lockstep with technology in order to encourage women to pursue careers in this field. Support and encouragement for women to pursue a career in engineering and become great engineers begins with their families and instructors, who mentor them from an early age. Even after graduating as engineers, a safe and supportive workplace with equal opportunity is a motivator for women to advance in the sector. Here are a few ways we can help inspire a new generation of female engineers by destroying stereotypes at the root.

Encourage girls in seeing themselves as future engineers.
If a girl imagines herself as an engineer, she should be supported just as much as if she saw herself in any other job. Let her know that engineering is a job that young girls may pursue and that they can grow up to design, create, and construct world-changing solutions.

Assist her in becoming more active
It is more important to comprehend the practical applications of science than it is to grasp the theoretical knowledge of engineering ideas in order to become an engineer. Kids and students sometimes learn more via the use of various tools and creating projects than they do by reading books. Encouraging females to become familiar with various engineering equipment and projects, as well as doing numerous scientific experiments throughout their learning phase, maybe a critical step in developing a future engineer. While allowing females to dabble with machinery and projects is not a typical concept, allowing them to take on different projects and be hands-on with their experiments can inspire the engineers within them.

Maintaining a growth mentality in order to achieve their goals
Looking at their development with patience and encouraging them to learn from their mistakes will help them develop a more open and learning mindset, which will aid them in overcoming hurdles on the way to technical learning in the future. Maintaining the idea that girls aren't as quick to learn as boys isn't beneficial to encouraging them to pursue a profession in science or technology.

  • Encourage them to join national and international organisations that provide short engineering courses- Many national and international organisations and engineering universities provide fundamental engineering courses to interested students. Enrolling interested students in these courses can help to channel their enthusiasm for engineering and encourage them to pursue a career in the field.
  • Provide her with field examples to follow Children are more inclined to follow in the footsteps of their idols and influencers. Make sure you present them to world-changing scientists, engineers, and other highly educated women.
Imagination fuels innovation and our little children of the next generation have great imaginations. That’s why introducing kids to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics is very important: It expands their ideas of what’s possible, supports their creativity with knowledge, and can lead to groundbreaking discoveries and technologies. It can set kids on a career path that can change and help protect the earth. With so many new initiatives and opportunities for women in engineering, the future is looking brighter and more promising.